Saturday, June 15, 2019

Assignment 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Assignment 3 - Essay ExampleAs a result there was some craft like the punch card computers which were intented to help solve the crisis (Smith, 1926).2400 BC The first known calculator known as Abacus was invented by the Babylonians to solve maths problems. This was the first step in developing computers and dealing with positional notations.500 BC During this period there was use of Zero mathematics where the formulated grammar of Sanskrit was highly systematized. As a result the computing power was developed and was similar to the Turing machine. This was simply a precursor to the modern computing (Smith, 1926).60 BC time control was invented by Heron of Alexandria where the machine was set running by an operator and then responds to a series of instructions in a truly unique manner. This was actually the first program that contributed towards the establishment of robotics.850 B.C Cryptography was developed by Al-Kindi who was an Arab mathematician. This led to the development of the frequency analysis where by letters could be easily analyzed and the encryption ciphers broken with a lot of easy (Turner, 2006).1206 BC There was invention of automata by Al-Jazari an Arabian Engineer, which was a foundation for the design of a programmable humanoid shaped mannequin. Eventually this lead to a castle clock invention also known as the earliest analog programmable computer.1400 BC During this time an analog instrument of the computer was invented by Jamshid al Kashi. This was utilise in determining the time of the day at which the conjunctions of the planet would occur. It was also used in for linear interpolation purposes (Black 2001).1492 BC A mechanical calculator with the ability of adding and subtracting was developed. This was of great importance to the art field particularly when Leonardo da Vinci really contributed towards

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